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Nearest Waypoint: BV 406 18°31.30'N 64°23.10'W

What did you experience at Leverick Bay?

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Mooring Balls


  • Rating: Good
  • Considerations: Along perimeter of mooring field


  • Present: Dinghy Dock, Dive Shop, Fuel, Garbage, Ice, Laundry, Provisions, Restaurant, Water
  • Absent: Chandlery


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Kim Scott
Kim Scott
3 years ago

Leverick Bay pretty quiet over the weekend and only half balls taken Monday night . A few boats at the dock . Poker run stage is up over the pool . Boats will be arriving Friday … All very exciting talked with our neighbor at the dock and he said things are extremely busy around . No balls left at cooper . Have plans B and C

Julie Strickland
Julie Strickland
3 years ago

Reserved a slip ahead of arrival. Radio in for slip location. Dock hands are great at getting you in! Good store for provisioning. Slip is $35 (TTOL rate) + $20 for shore power; includes free water & a bag of ice. Additional ice is $3.50/bag. There are a few taxis waiting by the office; we took one to Hog Heaven for lunch. Saba Rock water taxi picks up at 4:35 to take you to Saba for tarpon feeding. Can get a return trip as well; ride is free, just tip the driver.

Kim Scott
Kim Scott
3 years ago

Leverick bay totally awesome last night… All balls full and at least 10 boats anchored behind the mooring field . Beans show so much fun . Get here early if you want a ball . Dock jammed too .. Best place in BVI

Karyn Ward
Karyn W
3 years ago

Observed 12+ open moorings (Saturday night) while having dinner at Hog Heaven. $35 / night (TTOL price) plus $20 elec (1 x 50 amp). Made a reservation beforehand but it looked like they still might have had open space.

Mark Welsh
Mark W
3 years ago

Arrived at Leverick Bay early and more than half of the mooring field was available. I took a dinghy ride and later counted 27 balls in total. There is an attractively located ball in the NW corner of the field but it is marked private and rescue … faded yellow color was not obvious at first. By 2:30, I counted 5 balls free. When I looked again at 4:00 they were at capacity. Michael Bean was performing and many tables reserved so assuming this contributed to a full anchorage.