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Nearest Waypoint: BV 113 18°25.65'N 64°40.20'W

What did you experience at Cane Garden Bay?

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Mooring Balls

  • Number reported: TBD
  • Managed by: Multiple establishments (as indicated on mooring ball)


  • Rating: Condition dependent
  • Considerations: Very rough during a North swell


  • Present: Dinghy Dock, Fuel, Garbage, Ice, Laundry, Provisions, Restaurant, Water
  • Absent: Chandlery, Dive Shop


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Linda Richardson
Linda Richardson
4 years ago

We are in Cane Garden right now(Sunday night) . There are about 8-10 empty balls. Last night at Norman, it was about 3/4 full. Willie T’s was crazy!!

4 years ago

Further info on CGB. Bobbys has finally restocked the store,better than I’ve seen it in quite some time. 2 laundromats here, one at Rhymers and the other behind Bobbys. On Saturdays, “in season” look for the streetside bbq stand across from Rhymers. Best local food you will find $10-12 gets enough for 2. Get there before 3 or miss out. As Laura said, Columbus Sunset Bar has a wide assortment of goods and probably the best liquor prices in the bay. Worth the visit. Just walk up beach and take the path by cemetery. Usually plenty of space to anchor… Read more »

Karyn Ward
Karyn W
4 years ago

Traveled by taxi – Left at 3pm and approx 6+ mooring were still available.

Laura Redding
Laura Redding
4 years ago

A few CGB items not listed. There is a small laundromat in the back of Rhymers (the pink hotel and back on the roadside) you can pay and do your laundry or the ladies that run the hotel/restaurant will do it for you for a fee. Also, Rose’s Columbus Sunset apartments have a little bar with a store next to it that you can literally find anything in like wd40, beer etc This is down by the cemetery and across the road from the beach side (cemetery is on the beach side) …here is a description from their site …… Read more »