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Build your personalized Float Plan using the form at bottom of page to create an 'Event' for each day of your trip (i.e. a Float Plan is comprised of a series of 'Events', one per day)   

  1. Each 'Event' within your Float Plan should have the same value in the [Float Plan Name] field (to identify them as part of a single trip)
  2. Select a date for the [Event start] field which corresponds to the day of your Float Plan you wish to build and check the "All day" box.
    * NOTE: The "Event end" (as well as time fields) are ignored as each 'Event' in a Float Plan is a single, full day.
  3. For each 'Event', select a location using the [Anchorage/Marina] field and include details in the (optional) [Notes] field
  4. After required fields (*) are complete, click the "Submit" button
  • Your 'Event' will appear on your Float Plan 'Event' List, Map and Calendar below.
  • Repeat this process to add an 'Event' for each day of your trip and your Float Plan is complete!
  • You can update any 'Event' in your Float Plan at any time by selecting that 'Event' (i.e. date) from the 'Event' List below
    • You will be directed to that specific 'Event's page for editing
    • Select a different [Anchorage/Marina] or add a [Note] and click the "Submit" button
      • * NOTE: You will want to ensure the "All day" checkbox is selected as it becomes deselected upon edit (and you want your 'Events' to be a "all day")
    • Your Float Plan 'Event' List, Map and Calendar will be updated automatically!
  • To see Float Plan 'Events' submitted by fellow BVI Mariners (i.e. where they will be and when), go to All Float Plans

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My Float Plan 'Event' List

  • 8th Jan 2017 >>> Tortola, Road Reef Marina (TMM Base)
  • 9th Jan 2017 >>> Norman Island, Privateer Bay
    • Snorkel The Indians en route
    • Late afternoon snorkel of The Caves (to avoid crowds)
  • 10th Jan 2017 >>> Peter Island, Peter Island Marina
    • Quick stop at The Bight en route for a jump off Willy-T's and to count current # of mooring balls for BVI Mariner page.
    • Replenish ice & water
    • Peter Island Marina map is here
  • 11th Jan 2017 >>> Virgin Gorda, Saba Rock
    • Snorkel The Baths en route (sea conditions allow)
    • Dinner at Saba Rock
  • 12th Jan 2017 >>> Scrub Island, Scrub Island Marina
    • Snorkel The Dogs en route
    • Replenish ice & water (inquire about TTOL discount)
    • Scrub Island Marina map is here
    • Dive trip to The Rhone the morning of the 6th via Dive BVI
  • 13th Jan 2017 >>> Jost Van Dyke, Great Harbour
    • Take a taxi to White Bay for Happy Hour
  • 14th Jan 2017 >>> Cooper Island, Manchioneel Bay
    • Possible stop at Soper's Hole for lunch
    • Snorkel Cistern Point (Southern end of Manchioneel Bay)

My Float Plan Map

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  • Anchorage (with moorings)
  • Anchorage (no moorings)
  • Marina

My Float Plan Calendar

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