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Nearest Waypoint: BV 406 18°31.30'N 64°23.10'W

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Mooring Balls


  • Rating: Good
  • Considerations: South of Cactus Reef and North of Vixen Point along the Western shore of Prickly Pear you will find 7-12 feet of water.


  • Present: Restaurant
  • Absent: Chandlery, Dinghy Dock, Dive Shop, Fuel, Garbage, Ice, Laundry, Provisions, Water


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Mark Welsh
Mark Welsh
4 years ago

Did not stay at this anchorage, but observed 8 well spaced mooring balls (with 1 being used) on way to Bitter End Yacht Club at 13:00.

Date and Time of Observation
05/22/2017 @ 13:00
Vessel Name (optional)
S/V Orion