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Nearest Waypoint: BV 406 18°31.30'N 64°23.10'W

What did you experience at Bitter End Yacht Club?

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Mooring Balls


  • Rating: Good
  • Considerations: Along perimeter of mooring field clear of the channel


  • Present: Dinghy Dock, Dive Shop, Fuel, Garbage, Ice, Laundry, Provisions, Restaurant, Water
  • Absent: Chandlery


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Mark Welsh
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Have not experienced crowds anywhere this week and BEYC was no exception. Half the expansive mooring field available at 13:00 and more than a dozen balls still free at dusk. Hiked Guys Trail (map attached) … outstanding views. Little to no sargassum grass (certainly no smell) in the sound even though rather large patches were noticed in the SFD channel. BEYC mooring fee was $35.

Date and Time of Observation
05/22/2017 @ 13:00
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S/V Orion
Mark Welsh

If you take a mooring near the Fat Virgin remember that Biras Creek is now closed. Access is forbidden and marked plainly with many signs. The docks at Biras Creek are in long term use but there is no where to go, other than to the Fat Virgin. The trail from the Bitter End to Biras Creek (Mangrove Trail) is also closed at the Bitter End and is marked closed at the Biras Creek end. Guy’s Trail at the Bitter End is open with a sign at the top saying the trail down to Biras Creek is closed (that trail… Read more »

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