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Nearest Waypoint: BV 204 18°26.30'N 64°45.80'W

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Mooring Balls


  • Rating: Poor
  • Considerations: Tight anchorage inside reef susceptible to winter swells


  • Present: Garbage, Ice, Restaurant
  • Absent: Chandlery, Dinghy Dock, Dive Shop, Fuel, Laundry, Provisions, Water


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Julie Strickland
Julie Strickland
3 years ago
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Arrived mid-morning – picked up a ball between Hendo’s and Ivans. We counted 9 mooring balls, with 1 left at 1:00 pm.
Waters & swell were calm so we ended up over nighting here without any problems. Hendo’s Hideout is a fantastic addition to the White Bay bars/restaurants. Great food & service!

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s/v Kindred Soul
4 years ago

Arrived today at White Bay on Jost, it’s still a little bumpy in here but not too bad. It looks like people are getting back out again after the winds.
Free Bird

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3:30 on March 10
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