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Nearest Waypoint: BV 203 18°26.10'N 64°45.00'W

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Mooring Balls


  • Rating: Good
  • Considerations: Vastness of mooring field and shallow waters near shoreline (not conducive to good holding) restrict anchoring primarily to South of the harbour proper.


  • Present: Dinghy Dock, Fuel, Garbage, Ice, Provisions, Restaurant, Water
  • Absent: Chandlery, Dive Shop, Laundry


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Busy anchorage with approximately 5 mooring balls available upon arrival at 12:30 pm. A couple smaller cruise ships just outside the harbour. We took a taxi from over to White Bay for $5 per head (each way). By the end of the day, there were easily a dozen vessels anchored outside the mooring field.

Date and Time of Observation
01/26/2017 @ 12:30 pm
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S/V Orion
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