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Mooring Ball Availability Log

To address the conundrum of “What time does the mooring field fill up?”, BVI Mariner users are asked to log the number of available Mooring Balls upon arriving at an Anchorage using the Mooring Ball Availability pop-up form at the bottom of the screen.  Collected data (real-time & historical) will be useful to all BVI Mariners in scheduling their on-the-water activities by providing a sense of when they should arrive at a certain anchorage to obtain a Mooring Ball.

Today's data is below ... Historical data is here

Date/Time Submitted (AST)
Moorings Currently Available
Additional Comment
Virgin Gorda, Bitter End Yacht Club
2020-01-21 08:49:09 -04:00
Location yet to reopen post Irma
Virgin Gorda, Saba Rock
2020-01-21 08:48:50 -04:00
Location yet to reopen post Irma

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